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Amoeba Run!

So I picked up some CD’s at Amoeba a few days ago:

Bellini: Norma (Callas 1961: Conducting La Traviata is pulling me deeper into bel canto. Can we think up some modern version of this kind of singing?)

Dirty Projectors: Bitte Orca (yes yes they are amazing and melismaTASTIC)

Sonic Youth: Goo (apparently I’m supposed to like them, and I’m giving it another shot.  I already like this better than Daydream Nation)

Fennesz: Endless Summer (not as good as the movie, but nice nice atmospheric electronica)

Pet Shop Boys: Very and Alternative (only $4.99 each!  and Alternative is a 2-CD set!  Very comes in a rubbery orange case with NUBS.  Sample lyric:  “I’m gonna take off all my clothes / And dance to the Rite of Spring / I don’t normally do that kind of thing” These should be much more expensive.  Clever fun and DANCEABLE!)