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I’ve been … revamped!

Very excited about launching the revamped edwinoutwater.com today!  There are some great new features that will allow me to be able to share what I’m up to …

I have a lot of very interesting stuff coming up in the next few months, and I’m glad I’ll be able to communicate more about this through the site.

Firstly, the 03. Projects page has been added.  It has a list of all the non-traditional concerts I’ve put together over the years, including videos, nice quotes from composers and all sorts of other stuff.  I get asked all the time about these concerts and the main work of this revamp was collecting them in one place so they can be seen at-a-glance.

Secondly, the 05. Media page has a bunch of added videos.  I seem to be making a video a week, and I’ve collected some of my favorites on this page.  Especially proud of the Satie video that leads off, ” A Musician’s Day.”

I want to thank Mat Dunlap for the remake, and also Hoon Lee who designed this website many years ago.  Mat’s redesign stays true to Hoon’s original and enduring vision of the site. I don’t think Hoon is doing much web design these days … he’s too busy kicking ass these days as Job on Cinemax’s Banshee.  Also thanks to my team at 21C Media for looking after all of this.

Also, I have now found a use for the awesome t-shirt on the front page!

And, finally, the website revamp made me think of this song.