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Here’s an ARTICLEby LA Times columnist Mark Swed about elistism. He makes the case that there’s elitism in “high” and “low” culture, which is of course true. And in fact, in classical music we’re less elitist than some places as far as, say, ticket sales:

“A ticket to hear the Los Angeles Philharmonic in fancy-schmancy Walt Disney Concert Hall may not always be easy to come by at the last minute and top seats are now $147. But for most programs, bench seats behind the stage (which many love) go on sale two weeks before the concert for $15. Do I need to detail the princely sums in the thousands it takes to attend an NBA playoff? On Broadway, $400 tickets no longer raise eyebrows. At Disney, we are a democratic audience who sit together. In the supposedly populist Staples Center, luxury suites resemble nothing so much as the royal boxes in European opera houses of old. Anyone can go to an art museum, but not anyone can get past the bouncers at the latest in-crowd club.”

True – but not enough people want to buy our “brand” of elitism because it’s stuffy and old. It’s the same problem as I mentioned in an earlier post – what we’re doing is ok, but the perception of the general public about what we’re doing doesn’t match up.

Tom and I went up to Tomales Bay and Pt. Reyes Station and the freshest, biggest, tastiest OYSTERS yesterday. Love the BBQ ones w/ a little Tabasco. Driving an hour for oysters? Sounds like food elitism to me. Yum.