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Music/Science Beethoven and Your Brain

Daniel Levitin, author of the best-selling books This Is Your Brain on Music and The World In Six Songs, has performed with Sting, cracked jokes with Robin Williams, and been heard on the CBC, NPR, and at Google HQ. Together with conductor Edwin Outwater, they explore what happens to your brain when it comes into contact with Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. You will find out what is going on in the mind of the conductor, the musicians, and the audience (you!) in this interactive presentation. With live audience surveys using the latest technology, this will be a Beethoven experience that you will never forget!


  • Toronto Star

    Beethoven and Your Brain – a synaptic symphony – John Terauds

  • New Scientist

    The audience seemed to relish every moment of the performance, which was part concert, part science lecture, and part “interactive Beethoven love-in…” – Dan Falk

  • Tokafi.com

    This unique opportunity of placing “a stethoscope in music” largely attributed to the full-house attendance at Koerner Hall. At the end, each in the audience should have appreciated the fact that music, after all, need not be a complex language if one places his/her senses on simple musical building blocks. – Patrick Lam

  • Montreal Gazette

    The audience ate it up. -Arthur Kaptainis

  • Kitchener-Waterloo Record

    With licence from the maestro to act as they please, the audience responded first with a pair of isolated whoops and hollers, then collected into a community outburst of spontaneous clapping, stomping, yelping and whoop-pah! With the otherwise staid symphony crowd tasting a new-found freedom of understanding, expression, and emotive response to symphonic music, is it possible the horse is out of the barn?  – Stephen Preece