Police Beyond Borders

August 25, 2023

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About the Album


  1. King of Pain (feat. Berklee Indian Ensemble)
  2. Roxanne (feat. Mzansi Youth Choir)
  3. Message in a Bottle (feat. Salim-Sulaiman, Masa Takumi)
  4. Tea in the Sahara (Cui Jian)
  5. Don’t Stand So Close To Me (Soweto Gospel Choir, Ron Korb)
  6. Every Little Thing She Does is Magic (feat. Berklee Indian Ensemble)
  7. Can’t Stand Losing You (Mzansi Youth Choir, Max ZT)
  8. Murder By Numbers (Alison Balsom, Shankar Mahadevan, Max ZT)
  9. Demolition Man (featuring Serj Tankian)
  10. Every Breath You Take (Soweto Gospel Choir)